Our Founder

Captain Bill Byrd

Founder, William T Byrd Foundation


Bill Byrd retired from the U.S. Navy. In 2003 Capt. Byrd was selected to serve in the U.S. State dept. program at Jaji Military base, in Kaduna state. The joint U.S. & Nigerian program built and operated a Simulation Center to train the Nigerian Military, in Peace Keeping operations. Capt. Byrd was the manager until the State Dept. contract was completed in 2006.

Capt. Byrd remained in Nigeria as a resident citizen, working as a consultant for MOD and Managing private civilian companies for various Nigerian corporations. He is currently Managing Director for NPK Fertilizer, and IVN Shipping. Involved in importation and shipping, mainly in Fertilizer for the Agricultural industry. He is also the founder of — the U.S. Charity Foundation — William T. Byrd Foundation.

During 2003 – 2006, Capt. Byrd was attached to MOD Nigeria for the purposes of training the Nigerian Military, in Simulation Sciences, at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji Military base Kaduna. During his many years of service, he was decorated by the Chief of Defense Staff Nigeria (CDS) for his contribution and support of Military training operations in Nigeria.

Bill Byrd’s Family

In 2004 Mr. Byrd was involved in a local community project to help area farmers improve crop yields and productivity. It was sponsored primarily by Mr. Byrd and other regional sponsors. During that time the local villagers brought a young girl — Endurance — who was suffering from various tropical diseases and mal – nutrition. Capt. Byrd had his staff take her for treatment to an area hospital.

After a protracted period of care for advanced Typhus and Malaria the child was returned to her village. A short time later the child was found in similar circumstances. After an inquiry to the local village residents it was determined that the mother had left the child in the care of her 8 yr old brother, while she traveled out of town to look for work in other parts of Nigeria. A sad situation of poverty and helplessness.

Capt. Byrd and his staff provided additional medical and humanitarian care for Endurance until her mother could be found. After an extended period of time her mother returned and requested that her daughter be placed under parental guardianship of Mr. Byrd. Legal agreements were made by a lawyer and reviewed by child protective services. They were signed by the mother and Mr. Byrd.

After a 2 year period, it was determined the child — Endurance — be declared an orphan. The mother asked the state of Kaduna to allow the child to be adopted by Mr. Byrd and his wife. During this 2 year period of guardianship, the state conducted regular home study visits. Endurance was placed in private schools and was properly cared for by Capt. Byrd and other full time Nannies and staff personnel.

In 2006 she was legally adopted in Kaduna and became Endurance Byrd.