Our Programs


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community project to help area farmers improve crop yields and productivity.

It was sponsored primarily by Mr. Byrd and other regional sponsors.

Education opportunities

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Microlending for women

Micro lending is a form of business financing using small amounts of money to help start a small company or project. As I understand it, a University Professor in India first instituted this strategy to help the poor in his country. Basically he was lending poor people a little money to start a business.

Poverty is a cruel form of slavery. It is a sad testament to the modern world that so many millions of people still live in poverty — which for our discussion — is someone living on less than a dollar a day. It is tough to be poor; but it is disgraceful that so many people have to live in poverty.

So we would loan small amounts of money to women to help them set up a small business, such as a fruit stand or shop. We usually loan money to women, because most of the men were not responsible enough to pay the money back.


Dr. Ankama is the Chief Obstetrics Surgeon in private practice in Kaduna. He is the former Director of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Zaria University.

Dr. Ankama is also our foundation’s Executive Director for our women care clinic in Kaduna. He is a dear family friend, and is Endurance’s family doctor. He has been her Doctor for 8 years.


Arch Bishop Job is the head Bishop for the Methodist Church in the North of Nigeria. He is also the Executive Director of our Pastoral care program for our foundation.

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